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Intensivkurs Kurdisch (Kurmanci)

23.08. - bis 17.09.2021


Instructors: Ergin Öpengin/Serif Derince
Organized by: Spracheninstitut an der Universität Leipzig e.V.
Ritterstraße 12 - 04109 Leipzig
Venue: Universität Leipzig
Orientalisches Institut
Schillerstr. 6 - 04109 Leipzig


Prerequisites: None

Language of instruction: English

Number of participants: 10 to 15

Timetable: Monday till Friday 09:30 to 16:30 (with a break between 12:30 and 13:30)



instructor_ergin_opengin Summer School in Middle Eastern Languages - Intensivkurs Kurdisch (Kurmanci) - Spracheninstitut Universität Leipzig

Ergin Öpengin -

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instructor_serif_derince.jpeg Summer School in Middle Eastern Languages - Intensivkurs Kurdisch (Kurmanci) - Spracheninstitut Universität Leipzig

Serif Derince -

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Ergin Öpengin is a lecturer at the English Language Department of the University of Kurdistan-Hewlêr. He holds a PhD in General Linguistics from the Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 (France) and the University of Bamberg (Germany). He taught Kurdish language courses at the University of Bamberg and Uppsala University. His research interests include the structure and sociolinguistics of Kurdish, English morpho-syntax, language planning and policy.

Şerif Derince works as the coordinator of Yekmal Akademie in Berlin. He is a PhD candidate in Applied Linguistics at the University of Potsdam. He taught Kurdish at Bogazici University, Sabanci University and Koc University. He offers training seminars for teachers of Kurdish, designs materials and curricula for learning and teaching of Kurdish. His research interests include language planning and policy, heritage language teaching, multilingualism and educational sociolinguistics.

Goals and contents

Kurmanji is one of the two main forms of the Kurdish language aside from Sorani. It is spoken by Kurds mainly in Turkey, Syria and parts of Iraq. Three different alphabets are used to write Kurmanji, Latin, Arabic and Armenian. The language has a long oral and written tradition.

The goal of this intensive course is to reach the A2 level of proficiency. Starting from the beginning with an introduction to the sounds and letters, we quickly move to learn to express ourselves in simple conversations around daily activities and personal information. Using the communicative approach and an online course-book and additional visual and audio materials, we develop oral and written competencies for real-life scenarios. Gaining intercultural competence is another goal of the course.

Course format: The course is designed as an intensive online language course (as a video conference) using a variety of instructional materials and activities.

The language of instruction is English.

Application deadline: 13th August

Application: Please download the application form.

Course fee: 500.00 EUR; reduced 400.00 EUR (students of the Leipzig University)

Please transfer the course fee by 13th August to the following bank account:

Inhaber: Spracheninstitut an der Uni Leipzig e.V.
Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB)
IBAN: DE97 1203 0000 1005 3728 32
Betreff: Intensivkurs Kurmanci


m_teppiche_neu Summer School in Middle Eastern Languages - Intensivkurs Kurdisch (Kurmanci) - Spracheninstitut Universität Leipzig
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